The cablem8 isn't just a cart.

It's a full-on, bonafide cable distribution warrior





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Introducing the NEW CableM8, the all-in-one cable distribution system.

Take a closer look and discover why you'll never use another utility cart again.

THe full cablem8 line changes the game for installers.

Between the NEW 4-bin CableM8 and Original CableM8, plus individual bin sets,
we've got a solution that's perfect for your next install.

Flexibility comes standard on every job. When space is limited, the CableM8 is the perfect solution. It's easy to move through doors  and can rotate into place.

When EASY Delivery Matters. With room for four CableM8 Bags, plus a box or reel or two, the CableM8 enables you to make up to six cable pulls at once. That's 6,000 feet at one time.

Bring it all with you. The CableM8 has the room to transport your tools, parts and additional reels. So more of what you need to make an install can make the trip. It can even hold your coffee.*

Reduce on-site waste by up to 30X. It's not just the CableM8 system itself that's revolutionary - it's the eco-friendly CableM8 Bags on board that can help save up to 30X less on-site waste.


All packaging used for the shrink-wrapped CableM8 Bag is
100% recyclable.


Save up to 30x less
on-site waste using the CableM8 bags vs. traditional packaging.


The 360˚ swivel locking brake enables the CableM8 to maneuver in tight spaces.


The Original CableM8 cart can pull up to 10,000 feet of cable
at one time.

* Cup holder sold separately.

Our unique, heavy-duty CableM8 Bags offer the complete package that changes everything. Including:

  • Reinforced handle makes it easy to grab and go
  • No twists or tangles while dispensing
  • Supports up to 1,000 feet of cable*
  • 100% recyclable
  • Low-waste option vs. traditional packaging

* Download our CableM8 spec sheet for full information:


Whether it's the NEW CableM8 4-bin or the Original CableM8 8-bin system,
the numbers don't lie: CableM8 helps make cable installs better, smarter, and faster. 

Which sounds easier to you: Breaking down a mountain of boxes or stuff the empty plastic packaging into an easily disposed bag?

Compare for yourself. On-site waste from traditional reel packaging or the CableM8 Bag. The difference is easy to see.

Cablem8 Original 8-bin

NEW Cablem8 4-bin

To learn more about the CableM8, download our specs sheets below.

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